FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

This page is dedicated, to all newcomers as an introduction in a topics and answers common questions.​ Down below, you will be able to find all questions and answers which you need, if not feel free to contact us - directly.

● How many signals Pick Finder team publishes per day?

- An exact number of picks cannot be deterred in front. It depends on the conditions of the financial market. It can be couple of picks per day, sometimes it can be just one pick in a few days.

● What is TP and SL?

- TP refers to taking a profit. That is the anticipated price/level on which users should reconsider to close a position and profit from it.
SL refers to stop loss. That is the anticipated price/level on which users should reconsider to close position and to stop the loss.

● Can we recommend trading without TP and SL?

- Trade without TP and SL is possible, but is highly risky. Pick Finder strongly advocates the use of TP and SL in order for risk limitation.

● Which time frame is relevant for our picks (trading ideas/tips)?

- It depends on the current market conditions. We have long term, short term but also daily trades.

● How to scale your position size in trading?

- Volume is highly dependent on the user’s capital. The user must determent independently appropriate lot size. Some basic logic for CFDs account is that in order to open 1 lot size, 10.000$ is the minimum account capital.
As for accounts linked with traditional financial instruments, one position should occupy 5%-10% of account capital.

● Is Pick Finder's material investment advice?

- Pick Finder's material should not be treated as an investment advice. Pick Finder's team based on a technical analysis, search for patterns that can lead to possible conclusions regarding price movements. Every user should reconsider is Pick Finder material appropriate from a risk management point of view.

● What is the difference between our subscription plans?

- All difference between plans is the duration of the subscription, nothing else. Source of information is completely the same for everyone.

● How do we share positioning information/parameters for trades?

- We share information with our subscribers through the closed Telegram group. When you subscribe to us, you will get an invitation link via email.

● Is a subscription cancellation possible?

- We do not allow cancellation. That is one of the reason why we offer free trial. Our philosophy is to give Free Trial to everyone before you subscribe to us. We are not here to scam you!

● Which payment method is available?

- We do operate with PayPal, as the most secure method. Also, we do accept crypto payments. When you subscribe, you have to email us to get an invitation link for Telegram group.

● If you have any difficulties, please contact us at: office@pick-finder.com ●

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